About Us​

Myanclinic is the own product of De2fx Solutions Company Ltd developed with the vision of enhancing the medical health service across Myanmar.

Myanclinic- Myanmar’s First Pocket clinic​

Compact Pocket Clinic, Fully Digitalized medical & Healthcare App for Doctors & Patients! Myanclinic is Blessing Far Remote areas The healthcare system in Myanmar faces an infinite challenge. Out of all these, scarcity of Health professionals, Choose of best and qualified professionals has been a great challenge. Myanclinic helps in bridging this gap immensely. It Provides End to End Facilities to both Doctors' as well as Patient’s for each and every consultations. Myanclinic through the online platforms connect millions of patients with the best Health professionals in Myanmar E-Pharmacy accessible at an affordable price & etc.,

Features :

Myanclinic- Why It’s Must for Doctor’s and its benefits​

Mobile healthcare applications are transforming the healthcare ecosystem by enhancing interactions, competence, and eminence of medical services. Healthcare apps are incredibly beneficial to the medical industry. Not only patients and doctors, but even medical staff and pharmacists can also have the advantages of this technological phenomenon. Mobile healthcare apps can be utilized for digital consultations, medical diagnosis, scheduling appointments, and medical-related supply deliveries.

Key Benefits :