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Appointment Booking

Book Appointment On Go!

Medical History

Comprehensive and Accurate Medical Prescription!

24/7 e-Pharmacy

Various Drugs accessibility with ease!

Lab Reports

Instant and Quick Access to reports!


Precise Medical Records

Comprehensive and accurate medical records which empower healthcare professionals to treat patients to the best of their ability To save history of your visits to the doctors, their recommendations, referrals to laboratory tests, tests results and other information To remember diagnoses of your illnesses, dates of performed operations, titles of the prescribed drugs and other important medical information. Keep a history of measurements of health rates (sugar level, blood pressure, etc.) To collect the personal information about your health in one place; in case of Internet availability to see the information on any device.

Online Consultation

Doctor Instantly Anytime, Anywhere Fast & accurate consultation on comfort of home. Prompt Medical Support Easy , fast and reliable UI & UX for Chat, Video and Audio chat


Pocket Friendly Ease of Accessibility Orders: History, Transaction, and Policies Authentic Medicines Compare drugs & Price Privacy Smooth Payment High-Level Patient Assistance

Of Myanclinic!

The world has changed, the technology has advanced, and all of us live in the mobile Era - including the doctors. Here are we MyanClinic Help you to Stay connected with the Digital World.

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